When it comes to polarization, the sunwear call is: ALL ABOARD!

From top: OSPREY from Costa Del Mar; GRAPEVINE from Oakley; SYLURO from Rudy Project; P-23 from Wiley X Eyewear


  • Polarized lenses effectively block reflected glare—a situation which occurs primarily near water or snow or off reflective surfaces such as car windows or metallic objects.
  • Light which strikes a horizontal reflective surface is reflected back into your eyes. You then get a double dose of light energy, some of which falls directly on you and some that is reflected at you.
  • Polarized lenses offer an interesting advantage. Because they dramatically reduce or eliminate the reflected light energy which might account for the majority of annoying glare, you can use a lighter tint to achieve the same (or better) degree of glare reduction and comfort compared with nonpolarized dark lenses.

Senior Features Editor GLORIA NICOLA   •   Photographed by Ned Matura