Considering eyeglasses as art, no issue of 20/20 comes closer to being an eye-art gallery than this October Luxury Edition. And since we have an Artist of the Frame on the cover it is fitting that this closing page pays homage to the genius of Picasso with one of his takes on spectacles. Painted in 1939, “Portrait of Jaime Sabartés dressed as a courtier” depicts Picasso’s secretary in that infamous melting bizarro-ism at once unnerving, funny, scary and mysterious. This eyewear is challenged by a nose drifting to the side, an upside down bridge and a solid commitment to the newly renewed trend toward round-shaped eyewear.   

—James J. Spina

Satisfied there is a pleasant surge in sun clipping a face, 20/20 wonders when this zyl clip will reemerge, and will it be as classy as this wonderful amber-to-tortoise style by Anglo-American?