Excuses. Excuses. Excuses. Hard to believe there was a time when people made excuses about wearing eyewear.

“I only need them for reading.”

“I usually wear contact lenses but my eyes are feeling a little tired.”

“Let me just put my glasses on for a second.”

Those days are GONE. Eyewear today is easily one of the hottest commodities known to man... AND woman. Eyewear remains the best tried and true way for anyone to secure a road to better vision... and... as an add-on (though perhaps slightly superficial) reason there’s no more high profile manner bearing brand loyalty. A face and the eyes of that face send a clear and distinct message of who a person is, what they love, what they respect and where their attitudes reside in terms of fashion, lifestyle and character. And when it comes to presenting a best face forward in one’s professional life (no matter what the gig) eyewear rules the realm.

For me personally the classic, P3 in a rich tortoise or crystal has always been the spec of this head. Nearly fifteen years ago a well-known frame designer asked Senior Editor Gloria Nicola why Spina was wearing those old-fashioned preppy frames. I’m pleased to say that P3 shape is now part of his artistic interpretation of that state-of-frames today.

Any working professional must consider the reality that eyewear and sunwear wardrobing is the ultimate EXCUSE for multiple pairs of eyewear to suit both the occasion...AND... the occupation. And then there’s driving... and sports... and computers... and iPads... oh my!

Here’s the deal and it is MADE for YOUR advantage: They wake up. Get outa bed. Clean up. Brush up. Throw on some clothes. Pick a pair of shoes for the day. BUT when it comes to eyewear there should be no going out that door to work and play without a satisfying arsenal of functional and fashionable eyewear (and shades) to suit every occasion and task. This multiple-choice benefit should be a no brainer. Dispensing the proper eyewear with the proper fit needs your professional genius but the arsenal of eyewear options is indeed the fun part. And this issue of 20/20 should easily satiate your passion and potential eyewear.

James J. Spina