Describing itself as an alternate eyeglass case company, Passionate Brush presents a collectible line of fashion eyewear accessories, featuring the work of contemporary artist Barbara Katz Bierman. Known for her eclectic and colorful style, the artist has become popular around the world among collectors and galleries and even with a well-known cruise line. The accessories include micro-fiber covered hard-shell cases and coordinating cleaning cloths and multi-purpose pouches in two sizes with a drawstring. More than 30 pieces of original art are incorporated in the various accessories. The micro-fiber cloths are safe for all types of lenses, including plastic, glass, organic and AR coatings and can be used to clean computer monitors, cameras, cell phones, iPods, MP3 players and GPS screens. The pouches are ideal for protecting electronic devices and jewelry. A larger, hard sunglass case is being planned.

PHILOSOPHY: “Colors enrich and express my life; for me, a life without color would feel empty,” says Barbara Katz Bierman, artist and artistic director of Passionate Brush. “We are ecstatic about the positive response we have received regarding the collection.”

MARKETING: Merchandising materials include display cases, informational brochures and a brochure holder.

PRICE POINT: $. For additional information, contact Passionate Brush, (818) 914-8281; web site:

TIP: Eye-catching accessories are a great way to set your shop apart from other retailers. These bold accessories are sure to appeal to customers with outgoing personalities and a colorful style.