Papillon is an interactive AR display designed by Neil Kabinoff, a Philadelphia optician with more than 30 years of experience. Created as a selling aid that helps staff show the features and benefits of anti-reflective coating, Papillon consists of an attractive display box with two butterflies inside. One side of the box is covered with reflective glass; the other side with anti-reflective glass. Patients are given a pair of tweezers to retrieve the butterfly from the side with the AR glass, but, of course, meet with resistance from the glass they don’t realize is there.

PHILOSOPHY: “In pondering how to make ends meet in this economy, I looked at every possible add on and realized AR was the most profitable, but did not have an effective interactive display,” says Neil Kabinoff, optician and Papillon designer. “So I went to my garage and after two months of work created Papillon, which I brought into my stores. The results have been phenomenal. After using the display, AR sales rose a whopping 62 percent in my two stores—leading to my decision to make the display available to others—because I’m so confident that Papillion can turn optical employees into selling machines.”

MARKETING: The Papillon kit contains the display, instructional DVD, fact sheet, pair of tweezers and a cleaning cloth. For additional information, contact Papillon, (888) 802-2021; web site:

“The best part of Papillon is my staff loves using it and when we perform our magic, the look on our patient’s face is priceless,” says Kabinoff.