Jillian Urcelay: How would you describe the new styles in the Steve Madden kids’ collection?
Pam Elfreich: Steve Madden’s latest kids’ release evokes the energy and attitude that is authentic to the brand. Both model “Fairlie” and “Thora” have glitter accents and are available in shades of plum, teal and even a grey option that fades to pink. For boys we are seeing bolder shapes in both metal combinations and acetate frames as well, such as “Krammer” and “Harken”. Blue Denim is a popular color choice, which we see in “Brimley” and Grey Crystal is an emerging trend as well with a silver-translucent look.

What trends are you currently seeing in the kids’ eyewear market?
Steve Madden kids are ideal for young kids all the way up to middle school. Adding to our collection for different age children, we created a collection of new Steve Madden styles for the special “tween” age of wanting to look grown up like the “big kids” while still having a youthful spirit. This is accomplished through trendy eye shapes, the right fit for their still developing faces and small playful touches of color. Also seen are transparent materials or elements like a glitter accent.

What advice do you have for retailers in terms of balancing the kid/parent dynamic when dispensing frames?
Try to establish a budget with the parent before you begin showing frames and styles to the child. The last thing you want is to have a child loving a style that is out of their parent’s budget. Earn the parent’s trust by communicating each aspect of the appointment, as some parents and their children may not know what to expect from a standard appointment so by communicating with them, it helps put them at ease. If you establish style ideas, price-point comfortability and brand preferences ahead of time with the parent, then the retailer has an idea of what to show the child. Doing this makes the child feel as though they are selecting and choosing for themselves, from what you already know the parent is comfortable and happy with. This should make for a more successful appointment for the retailer, parent and child.

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