Love having you here experiencing our “print” EYE, especially on these Upfront pages iconically represented by our trendsetting Hall of Frames, Street Seen, Eye Nominate features… but… Have you ever wondered if there might be something more out there worth spying? With all that goes into every print edition, it might be hard to fathom that there is a total alternative universe of 2020mag optical affairs marked by an exclusive insider approach and delivered via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram socialEYEzing. And THAT experience as crafted by 20/20 Associate Editor Breanna Benz has a growing legion of followers now edging into a HUGE circle of 2020mag friends. We’re talking here specifically about content and visuals specific and exclusive to social media: Behind-the-Seens photo shoot moments, detailed product review meetings, trade show coverage, optical events and previews. There was a time (not too long ago, in fact) when the world of 20/20 was nicely and precisely book-ended by a cover and back cover. Those days are over. Every second of every day, the editorial team of this magazine is at work looking at the world of optical and flourishing in an opti-whirl of experiences you need to see and understand. And that world of socialEYEzing is expanding as we seek.

—James J. Spina