Hot on the heels of winning the prestigious 2008 Min Integrated Marketing Awards for the VM and 20/20 partnership on the Modern Man publishing comes word that 20/20 has now won its first Eddie feature writing award from Folio Magazine for our March 2008 Pucci cover story.

We are absolutely honored. But now might be a fine time to actually outline what goes into creating a feature that can so dominate the intense publishing competition out there.

Although 20/20 aggressively pursued a cover story on the reintroduction of the Pucci brand in eyewear, it happened in no small part via the cooperation (read that as massive assistance) of Marchon Eyewear. They secured an exclusive interview for 20/20 with Laudomia Pucci at the Pucci Palace in Florence. She in turn introduced us to the complete Pucci dynasty family AND fashion archives.
Our art director Iris Johnson skillfully used those resources to develop a cover photo shoot and graphic presentation steeped in the Pucci tradition. Executive editor Jackie Micucci wrestled the actual story from its original stream of consciousness into a feature defining the power branding can have in the eyewear arena.

And last, but certainly first in terms of making this Folio Eddie Award happen was the initiative of marketing manager Christine Yeh pulling the entry presentation together in a way that said “Winner!” from the onset. Thanks are due all and here’s hoping we see Eddie sometime in the future again as 20/20 delivers the best “good read” to optical.

—James J. Spina