Optylux: Flair

Optylux Group, a newly formed distribution company, has obtained exclusive rights to distribute Flair, a 60-year-old German luxury eyewear brand, in the United States. The initial U.S. collection contains 40 styles made of such premium materials as titanium, bio-steel, stainless steel, acetate, solid gold and rhodium, some accented with gemstones. At the heart of the collection are 30 drill-mount styles, a design that Flair has patented and manufactured for more than 25 years. Frames are adjusted and colored by hand through a complex, coloring technique.


PHILOSOPHY: “We are very proud to represent the prestigious and exclusive luxury brand—Flair,” says Helmut Igel II, president of Optylux. “Our marketing focus is limited to about 1,000 luxury eyewear boutiques nationwide to guarantee exclusivity.”
MARKETING: Merchandising materials include displays, presentation cases, posters, countercards, logo plaque, banner, brochures, catalog and tool kit. Each frame comes with a case, presentation box, cleaning cloth and certificate of authenticity.
PRICE POINT: $$$$ to $$$$$. For additional information, contact Optylux Group, (888) 330-4636; web site: www.flair.de

INSIGHT — Optylux has partnered with Perfect Optics Lab in Vista, Calif., a state-of-theart lab, which is certified by Flair Germany to meet precise quality standards. Optylux and Perfect Optics have established a direct computer link to provide a seamless “one call does it all” for frame and lens processing with a turnaround time of two days with AR coating. Select partner labs will be added to the nationwide network.