Optylux Group introduces its Ete eyewear line, a European collection featuring colorful ophthalmic and sun styles. Founded in 1924 by Gustave Rege-Turo, an Italian working in France, the original idea behind the Ete collection was to take a fashion accessory used in the clothing industry—in this case, feathers—and adapt it to the eyeglass industry. Frames are made from laminated acetate (some styles are metal/acetate combinations) with actual feathers placed inside by hand and feature intricate carvings on the front and temples. Shapes include rectangles, ovals and upsweeps in multiple colors. Frames are named after cities in Italy and colors are named for types of bird feathers. The feathers are from a factory in Tuscany that has for the past 40 years supplied such fashion houses as Armani and Dior.

PHILOSOPHY: “We have a group of five designers working on this project and all the designs are coordinated and refined by Sabrina Rege-Turo, who consults with her father, Robert-Claude Rege. The Igel family is proud to be associated with the Turo family and we are looking forward to offering their unique creations to our selected group of exclusive eyewear boutiques,” says Helmut Igel II, Optylux president.

MARKETING:  Frame displays featuring the feathers used in the eyewear are available. Each style comes packaged in a box with a case.

PRICE POINT: For additional information, contact Optylux Group, (888) 330-4636; web site: www.optylux.com

Optylux founders Helmuth and Helmut Igel II are from a long optical heritage—Helmuth started as an optician in Germany in 1956—and both are proud to offer two very unique eyewear collections, Flair and now Ete, in the United States. Distribution is limited to 1,000 exclusive eyewear boutiques nationwide.