Ogi Frames introduces Seraphin, an eyewear line in the tradition of affordable luxury and quintessential vintage style. Seraphin hearkens back to a time and place when definitive sophistication and the power of romance drove the fashion world toward a distinctive aesthetic that’s right now. The initial collection consists of 18 ophthalmic fames and six sunglasses manufactured in Japan from titanium and Italian zyl. Laser engravings, crystal accents and precise, durable hinges are used to maximum effect in each design. Sunglass lenses are polarized with AR coatings. Lenses in the men’s styles are glass.

Photographed by Ken Lee/Black Box Studio

“Seraphin promises to impress even the most knowledgeable eyewear aficionado with its micro-attention to detail and exacting use of materials,” says Joseph Tallier, Ogi senior vice president of global sales. “Seraphin utilizes the latest technology in a way that merges with style for an overall effect that’s stunningly precise and eloquent.”


Countercards, large window banners and a logo plaque are available. Each frame comes with a leather clamshell case. 

$$$. For additional information, contact Ogi Frames, (888) 560-1060; web site: www.ogiframes.com

Minneapolis-based Ogi is spearheaded by co-founder and designer David Spencer, whose design approach is to merge style and function into an easily translatable product, appealing to a wide range of customers. Other Ogi eyewear lines include Spinners for kids, made with a
patented spring hinge that rotates 360 degrees.