In commemoration of 30 years of eyewear innovation, Oakley presents its Heritage Collection, a fresh take on the classics that bring together the best of what Oakley has offered and continues to offer in performance and style. The collection features custom editions from Oakley’s sport heritage, RadarLock, Radar, Flak Jacket XLJ and Racing Jacket. Oakley artists have accented the top edge of each frame with a printed stripe graphic that carries the color of the original eyewear. An “O” graphic is laser-etched at the corner of the lens. Retro sun styles in the Heritage Collection include Eyeshades, Razor Blades and Frogskins.

PHILOSOPHY: “We made the Heritage Collection for customers who are passionate about sports and passionate about Oakley. Those who grew up with the brand will view the classic designs and colors with nostalgia. But the collection also speaks to new, young consumers who appreciate authenticity. For them, the reissues are new and novel in ways that defy current trends with attitude that salutes the lifestyle of action sports,” Oakley says. “The Heritage Collection is a celebration of iconic pieces that give a glimpse of the future—the ongoing heritage of Oakley.”

MARKETING: Each style comes with a Microclear bag accented with art that celebrates Oakley. Window displays, countercards and Duratrans are available.

PRICE POINT: $$$ to $$$$

CONTACT: For additional information, contact Oakley, (800) 431-1439;

Oakley founder James Jannard had a simple philosophy: “Believe in what you are doing, and strive to do it better than anyone thought possible. Seek out problems, find solutions and wrap them in art.” His approach became a driving passion for Oakley.