Nouveau: Nickelodeon Avatar

 Nouveau Eyewear adds Avatar, a boys’ eyewear collection, to its ever-popular Nickelodeon children’s line. Inspired by the hit television series, the Avatar collection incorporates the cartoon’s popular Japanese anime style. Included are four frames constructed of metal and metal/zyl combinations in popular rectangular shapes with aerodynamic lines and technofuturistic designs. Modern profiles and angles echo Asian architecture. Such show-inspired details as the four elements complete the look. Frames are offered in shades of blue, brown and gunmetal. All styles are equipped with spring hinges.

PHILOSOPHY: “Anime and all things Asian are extremely popular right now, especially with boys, who equate the look with advanced technology and the latest, greatest electronics and toys,” says Marj McGraw, co-president of Nouveau Eyewear.
MARKETING: Merchandising materials are each designed to represent one of the four elements: poster (fire), four-sided countercard (earth), frame board dangler (air) and T-shirt (water). Each frame comes packaged in a case with a belt hook.
PRICE POINT: $$. For additional information, contact Nouveau Eyewear, (800) 292-4342; web site:

The frame Skaga is distinguished by four elements laser-etched on the temples. The Master style incorporates innovative pull and twist temples that give kids a choice of Asian symbols to display on the temples.