“That’s ok. I get 20/20 magazine in the mail. I don’t need to see the web site.”

“I don’t DO Twitter. I hate that stuff. What is it again?”

“What digital edition? You mean that little thingy magazine at the top of the web site? I can’t see it. I think I need Flash. What’s Flash?”

“I’m not on Facebook. Oh... wait... I am on it. I just don’t go to it. I don’t use it. I’m sick of that stuff.”

“I don’t have time for this social network stuff. I’ve got enough to do. And I CERTAINLY don’t want my staff wasting time on it.”

“That’s ok. I get 20/20 in the mail. I get those other magazines you do too. You know. The one that tells you how to do your taxes. I don’t really read them. Sometimes I look at the pictures. Where do you get those pictures? Can I get them?”

“I didn’t like that story you did on that Chrome Hearts guy. I didn’t read it but I didn’t like it. Who wrote that story? I didn’t read it. But I still didn’t like it.”

“I loved that cover thing you did on that Chrome Hearts guy. I didn’t read it though. We don’t carry that stuff. When people ask for it we tell them we don’t sell that... or anything like that. Why is that stuff so expensive? Can you help me get it cheaper?”

Welcome to my world. I actually love my world. I adore it. I’m a magazine nut and I’ll always be a magazine nut. There’s lots of new ways to communicate out there and I’m quite addicted to ALL of it.

So. Do I think magazines are dying? Nope. They are certainly changing. Evolving. There are new ways of communicating out there and even more unbelievable is the fact that the NEXT new media/message thing is most likely something none of us have even heard about yet.

I’ll probably read about it first... in a magazine I’m reading. If you see something about “it” on Facebook or Twitter, or if you Google it, just let me know. I’ll Tweet it. I’ll put it on Facebook and on the 2020mag web site. I’ll write about it in the pages of this magazine. And I will tell that guy from Chrome Hearts the next time I see him. Damn. HE probably knows about it already.

James J. Spina