It’s less than two months into the new year, and I’ve already broken two of my new year’s resolutions: use lens cloths and cleaners regularly and put my glasses in a case when I’m not wearing them.

Actually, I do use a lens cloth and lens cleaner… sometimes. When it’s convenient. When I remember to carry it with me.

And I do put my glasses in a case… except at night, when I leave them on the night table where they collect dust and get scratched.
Okay, mea culpa. I’m a serial lens abuser. But I’m trying to go straight. Really.

I’m confessing to these optical misdemeanors because I want my lenses to last longer and because I want to call attention to a situation that I suspect is widespread. (Here’s a shout out to Jodi Groh of Nanofilm, who has impressed upon me the importance of proper lens care.)

Despite our best intentions, it’s easy to become lax about lens care, even for those of us in the optical business. How many patients leave your dispensary wearing new glasses and holding a lens care kit that ends up getting stashed in a dresser or desk drawer?

Perhaps when you send out patient reminder notices, you should also remind them to follow their lens care routine regularly. Point out that they need to protect the investment they’ve made in their eyewear. That’s a message value-minded consumers will appreciate.

—Andrew Karp