By Mark Mattison-Shupnick, ABOM

In the September Pro to Pro, I suggested that new technology drives success and makes life (dispensing) easier. It was time to follow up. VSP Optics Group provided the names of three opticians who had recently changed their go-to progressive to Unity Via. I wanted to learn the results of that implementation. It takes a lot of preparation to make a switch and sometimes that switch doesn’t always pay off. However, as Terri Cisse (Optical Manager, Crystal Vision Clinic, Crystal, Minn.) said, “In my view, you have to progress with the times, and there is always something better that has to be tried.” Cisse switched to the most recent Unity Via progressive designs, “with no patient complaints or required refits.” Two things were also working for her office. Cisse says, “The doctor backs the opticians to try new things,” and they met with their rep “to learn all that they needed before they made the switch.”

It was similar when I asked Victor Hernandez, a veteran optician of 45 years (General Manager Optical Dept., Northern Virginia Ophthalmology Associates, Falls Church, Va.). He described, “The future of optical is digital. The industry is constantly changing on behalf of the patient… it’s very important that our ophthalmological practice stays contemporary and that you venture outside your comfort zone. Changing lens suppliers on behalf of the patient has met or exceeded our expectations with the benefits of digital products offered in all materials and treatments. That even includes wrap frame options.”

Sabrina Wilson, NCLE
(Optical Manager, Telahun, Shrader and Rivera MD, Clinton, Md.) said something I’ve heard only occasionally, and that was the change in spectacle lens technology made a difference for contact lens wearers. Wilson described, “The presbyopic contact lens wearer, needing to alternate between contacts and spectacles, is now happier because vision with their spectacles is the same or even better than their contacts. In the past, patients always claimed better vision with contacts. That means when we demonstrate to patients that new is actually better, they are happier and refer other patients.”

New technology delivers opportunities, and those that take the steps needed get rewards. What change are you planning for January? What will make it into your budget and marketing plans? January is right around the corner.