Yves Saint Laurent has always been big on the “muse” factor determining fashion direction and inspiration. In the ‘60s YSL worshiped at the attitude-alter of Bianca Jagger and as the ‘70s progressed, the power of Lou Lou De La Falese made an impact on his every runway move.

That tradition of motivation continues with Stefano Pilati now designing a new line of eyewear inspired by the iconic Muse handbag created for Yves Saint Laurent, an eternal source of inspiration now interpreted in detail in near-collectable eyewear styles. Since its debut just a few fashionista seasons ago, the muse bag has become a must-have accent/accessory, based in part on its near silent attention to detail and sophistication. Instantly recognizable by the beauty of its lines and quality of its details, the Muse handbag is adorned with a padlock seemingly guarding the secret of its elegance.

Pilati has re-imagined the Muse in eyewear via its emblematic lock, now transformed into a hinge and embossed with the famous YSL logo designed by Cassandre. The padlock hinges in an attentiongetting glam of gold metal quite literally frames the frame AND the wearer’s face and eyes. The barrel-hinge is at once simple yet unique, a perfect “why-didn’t- eye-think-of-that” design setting itself up as a classic signature.
— James J. Spina