In 1880, in the heart of France’s Jura region, Jules Morel created his first eyewear line. Now the Marius Morel 1880 collection has been reworked and is reintroducing the elegance of those first designs. Twenty-six styles are currently available, redefining the concept of modern retro chic. Included are acetates, metals and acetate/metal combinations in such shapes as pantos, cat eyes, butterflies, clubmen, rectangles and ovals. Some designs are rimless. Colors consist of tortoise, amber, black/crystal, purple/brown and brushed steel.

Photographed by Matt Lambros/Black Box Studios

“Faithful to the spirit of the 1880 Collection, the new releases offer ECPs the opportunity to rediscover the elegance of those very first designs: authentic products subtly modernized through the interplay of size and detail and, of course, the use of today’s technologies,” says Amelie Morel-Martin.

Merchandising materials include two banners (one for the metals and one for the acetates) and four countercards. The spirit of the collection is reflected in the black and red dressing room concept used in the POP materials. Each frame comes with a cleaning cloth and black leatherette case with a red velvet interior, resembling a small cigar holder.

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Four generations of the Morel family have followed in the footsteps of Jules Morel, evolving and managing both technological and creative changes. In 1993, the company founded its U.S. branch and experienced new international growth. In 1997, Morel created its first brand, Öga, a refined line with Scandinavian design inspiration. Today, the fourth generation of Morels—Jérome, Francis and Amélie—manage the company.