Morel USA adds the Alpha Collections—Alpha Drill Mount, Alpha Men’s and Alpha Women’s—to its Lightec line. The new collections, consisting of 25 styles, feature a patented design requiring no springs, coils or casings. The extra-flat stainless-steel temples combined with a hook-like device create a flex system eliminating the need for screws. This innovative technology offers the wearer a minimalist frame with enhanced lightness and comfort. Frames are offered in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Some styles accommodate progressive lenses.

PHILOSOPHY: “The new Lightec styles are undergoing striking changes. While remaining loyal to a high-tech spirit, we want to conceal the technology with a smoother, more discreet design. And by opting for a wider range of colors, Lightec is going for fashion-forward, light, minimalist products,” says Jean Baptiste Bouvier, Morel product designer. “For us, Lightec is another way of looking at glasses.”

MARKETING:  A merchandising kit consisting of one- and two-place displays, three countercards and a banner is available. All frames come with a metal case.

PRICE POINT: $$$$. For additional information, contact Morel USA, (888) 282-3930.

Appealing to all ages, the fast-forward styling of Lightec eyewear integrates strength and comfort. Lightec eyeglass frames incorporate such high-tech materials as stainless steel, beta titanium and the proprietary Nibrodal. Most recently stainless steel and acetate combinations have been added.