Mondottica USA launches its Anna Sui Eyewear collection, consisting of 27 ophthalmic frames and six sunglasses. Drawing inspiration from Anna Sui’s fashions and accessories, the eyewear reflects a feminine spirit, incorporating the same fanciful details that have defined the brand since its inception—the signature rosebud, butterfly motifs and classic fretwork patterns. Frames are made of acetate and metal and finished with a distinctive universal bridge. Colorations emphasize soft burgundy, purple and rose as well as laminates combining tortoise and the designer’s signature “purple tomato.”

Photographed by Matt Lambros/Black Box Studios

“We are focused on the new consumer. These consumers have an expectation of authenticity both in product and design. They respect quality materials and finishes, require a perfect fit and prefer to be serviced in a professional environment,” says Gary Podhaizer, Mondottica USA president.

Merchandising materials include countercards and logo plaques. Each style comes with a black case with a purple interior (a hard case for the ophthalmics and a soft case for the sunglasses).

$$$. For additional information, contact Mondottica USA, (866) 666-3662; website:

“People are attracted to my products because of all the elements I try to put into them. There’s always a sweet feminine, girly aspect, a touch of nostalgia, some trendiness, rock-and-roll coolness and ambiguity—the good girl/bad girl thing,” says Anna Sui. “All these facets go into my designs or they don’t look like Anna Sui. Every product I put my name on has to personify the world of Anna Sui.”