Mondottica LLC, a division of Mondottica International, launches Shanghai Tang Eyewear in the United States and Canada. Considered to be the first luxury fashion brand from China, Shanghai Tang product marketing is focused on bringing the mystique of Chinese culture to the West. Targeted to affluent, fashion-conscious men and women between the ages of 20 and 50, the eyewear collection, which consists of 30 ophthalmic and 40 sun styles, uses Chinese mythology, legends and themes integrated into every frame. Motifs include the cloud (a symbol of luck), jade (the sacred stone of China), the Shanghai skyline with its fascinating mix of old and new, shou (the symbol of longevity), the number eight (an auspicious number in the Chinese language) and coins (symbols of prosperity). These classic symbols are juxtaposed with contemporary design, which is the heart of the Shanghai Tang design philosophy.

Photographed by Annie Gallagher/Black Box studio


“Like yin and yang, Shanghai Tang Eyewear is a dichotomy of opposites. It fuses ancient Chinese legends with the fashion chic of now, the high-tech with the hand-crafted and fine detail with the bold and striking,” says Ira Lerner, Mondottica managing director.

Merchandising materials include three-, 14- and 28-place frame displays, display tray, countercards, hand-held mirror, logo blocks and gift bags. Frames come with a cleaning cloth and case with a Chinese-style red tassel pull and silk lining.

$$$ to $$$$. For additional information, contact Mondottica, (877) 800-1101.

Since its inception in 1994, Shanghai Tang has evolved from a small tailoring boutique into a comprehensive lifestyle concept supporting an international network of 25 boutiques in the world’s most prestigious shopping districts. Products range from shoes, handbags, fine leather accessories, scarves and gift items to bespoke gowns and suits, and home furnishings.