Modo Eyewear revamps its Saki collection for 2009, using premium block titanium and acetate materials and rich detailing with the objective of providing the ultimate in eyewear sophistication to a select group of affluent, educated and discerning individuals. The new line takes its inspiration from the Art Nouveau movement. Decorative motifs—signature weaves and innovative titanium inlays—reflecting that style are applied to the eyewear through metal inserts and engravings by fine artisans in Japan, conferring a feeling of discrete luxury. The collection contains six ophthalmic and two sun styles, each offered in three colors, including chianti and combinations of matte black/black, brushed silver/acorn, matte brown/bark and gun/smoke. Many of the frames are progressive-lens friendly.

PHILOSOPHY:  “We are thrilled to introduce a reinvented Saki collection. Saki is Modo’s most exclusive collection—a showcase of our capabilities in terms of product quality, detailing and overall sophistication,” says Alessandro Lanaro, Modo CEO. “We have revamped this brand starting from its founding philosophy, based on bringing the ultimate craftsmanship and refinement to the eyewear connoisseur.”

MARKETING:   Countercards and logo plaques are available. Packaging has been redesigned and includes a leather case inspired by Art Nouveau foliate scroll decorations.

PRICEPOINT:   $$$$ to $$$$$. For additional information, contact Modo Eyewear, (800) 223-7610; web site:

Art Nouveau is an international movement and style of art, architectural and decorative arts that peaked at the turn of the 20th century (1890 to 1905). It is characterized by organic (especially floral and plant) motifs and highly stylized, flowing  curvilinear forms.