By Johnna Dukes, ABOC

In my first installment we discussed being crystal clear about defining the “Why” of your business. We’re going to follow that up now with understanding the “What.” So, let’s jump in!


Getting clear on your “What” boils down to understanding the nitty gritty of the business you want to build. It also ties in to being able to clearly define “Who” you are and “What” you do. I find so many businesses really don’t know the answers to either of those questions, they don’t know who they are, and they don’t know what they do. They have a bit of an identity crisis, and there’s nothing more difficult than being able to tell your customers why they should visit your business if YOU aren’t even clear on who you are or what you do. Help yourself out by taking the time to craft your “What.”

In WHAT do you want to specialize? WHAT products do you want to offer that are different from what already exists in your area? In your area, WHAT makes your customer service different from what is commonly offered? WHAT is your niche? WHAT is the reason people should choose your business?

If you have not thought about these things, now is the time to start. Without differentiating yourself and your potential business from what already exists, you are limiting your potential for success. Making your mark and being different are certainly things you will want to do if your goal is to make a wild success of your business!

So, let’s try this again. In WHAT do you want to specialize? Maybe it’s high-end independent frames, maybe it’s pediatrics, and maybe it’s low prices. Whatever it is, make it a specialty.

WHAT products do you want to offer? Maybe it’s all customized PALs, maybe it’s the frame lines you want to carry, and maybe it’s sport-specific sunwear. Again, make it special whatever it is. WHAT makes your customer service different? Maybe you go above and beyond to keep your clients happy, maybe it’s a low price they like; maybe you’re open convenient late hours.

WHAT is your niche? Maybe it’s discerning clients who want the best, maybe it’s kids, and maybe it’s athletes. Whoever it is, make sure they know you’re there for them.

By defining each of these “Whats” you will be able to more clearly articulate to your patients why they should choose to do business with you. This alone raises the probability that you will be successful in building your business.

Well, you can always sell your patient a second pair with Transitions Signature. Your patient will thank you—and you’ll have a second sale. That’s a win for everyone.