Ultra slim and sleek. Flat and bold. Hammered. Engraved. Painted. Sculpted. Unadorned or wildly ornate. Metal is the most popular and versatile of frame materials… with virtually limitless looks… and appeal.

Photographed by Ned Matura

From top: APPLE BOTTOMS 705 from Eyewear Designs; PRODESIGN 1363 from ProDesign Denmark; KAY UNGER 103 from Nouveau Eyewear; STARCK ALU-X3 from Alain Mikli International; LULU GUINNESS L673 from Tura

     More about Metal
Popular, inexpensive alloy made from a broad range of metals, including nickel and copper; malleable and corrosionresistant—especially if a plating, such as palladium or other nickel-free options, is used.

Titanium Premium metal that’s very strong, durable, corrosion-resistant, lightweight and hypo-allergenic.

Beta Titanium Alloy predominantly made of titanium, with small amounts of aluminum and vanadium, adding flexibility.

Memory Metal
Titanium alloy composed of roughly 50 percent titanium and 50 percent nickel; extremely flexible.

Stainless Steel
Iron-carbon alloy that contains chromium; lightweight, strong, durable, flexible and corrosion-resistant.

Lightweight and highly corrosionresistant, it’s used primarily by high-end eyewear designers because of the unique look it creates.