Victoria arrived at 20/20 exactly one year ago with her sights set on more magazine experience and equipped with a personal panache for simple, timeless eyewear. Her straightforward style has evolved from tomboy to totally chic, with help from fashionable friends who dare her to branch out, but it’s her time quickly filling 20/20 and SunVision pages with her byline that opened her eyes to suns and specs as transformative accessories worthy of wardrobing. She spends her days helping orchestrate the most comprehensive product reviews in optical, navigating full-length features and recently took to the ultimate optical rite-of-passage experience, Vision Expo East. Always cool and collected, she was on the scene expertly outfitted in bold, black Jil Sander optical style 2724 from Marchon Eyewear, pictured here. Her next quest is color, inspired by the outspoken, oversized pieces she’s experimented with so far. Welcome Victoria, you’ve earned yourself a lifetime membership in the addictive business of eyeing eyewear.    

—Breanna Benz