Ever accessorizing with a positive attitude and a knack for seeing things in the best light, Mario says he’s always known what will make an impression. He was top of his class in high school, which trained him to visualize solutions and tuned his propensity for identifying what enhances a person’s aesthetics. Mario states the full package is what seals the deal: “A grand manner… all together, makes it excellent.” Pictured here, his third appearance in Eye Nominate, he continues his tradition of wowing us, wearing Robert Graham style Jackson from Revolution Eyewear, which he instantly elected as his next addition after it appeared on our September 2013 cover. He appreciates its perfect fit, meticulous design and trendy coloring and pairs it with his fedora-like homburg hat and velvet eggplant-hued suit. Just in case you’re thinking of snagging Mario’s flair for the fashionable, he declares you can’t just decide to learn the ways of outstanding aesthetics. “One must be born with a love for style,” says Mario. “And it will show within you.”

—Breanna Benz