Hailing from Raleigh, N.C., (left to right) Alex Slater, Brad McCorkle, Kelli Moss and Steven Squires of “LES” aren’t the newest names racing up the indie music charts. They’re the driven, enthusiastic and awesomely-bespectacled crew behind Local Eye Site, an optical hiring community built on “The Power Network” of their own and partner sites, unifying the arena of ECP job placements. Snapped in a coffee shop special to early Local Eye Site history, the retro-tinted image lets us peer into the real-person creative culture that makes the LES group so accessible and proud to be the alternative to impersonal mega employment databases. Fostered by their open, collaborative environment, the good friends cultivate their own brand of style, opting out of stuffy sport coats and pressed pants. Brad, LES founder, wears tortoise Quiksilver QS Sun 09 from A&A Optical, a mature Wayfarer-inspired shape. Brad says his collection of sun frames is important to him because each piece represents a friend in the industry. Director of operations Alex Slater, the sole LES member spec-ed out in optical frames wears Ray-Ban RB5163 2034 from Luxottica and appreciates its black-to-crystal Clubman throwback look from the classic American brand. Director of marketing Steven Squires’ priority is always a polarized lens for his wardrobe-essential suns and found what he was looking for in Maui Jim gold style Wiki Wiki. The leading lady of Local Eye Site, director of sales Kelli Moss loves simple gold accessories and comfortable pieces with casual leanings, and rose gold Chopard SCH880 aviators from De Rigo speaks to her style. Stay tuned to these optical rock stars’ personal style and innovative work at Local Eye Site for a look at inspired creativity and teamwork.

—Breanna Benz