Juanita Moman is a 20/20-certified opti-gem. She’s 89 years young and the founder and owner of Moman’s Eyecare, a family-run shop special to the community of Gadsden, Ala. She was personal friends with the founder of 20/20, Bob A. Amato, and has been an avid fan of the magazine for all of our 40 years. Juanita continually offers her valued thoughts on the state of optical, the style of eyewear and its power to define a person’s identity. She sees eyewear as the ultimate accessory and the singular personalized item from which to build a properly fashionable wardrobe. This legendary lady is pictured perfectly coordinated in a fabulously-patterned top, bold black and white jewelry accents and polka dot cateye L 407 eyewear from Tura’s Lulu Guinness collection… just one of Jaunita’s many appearances within the pages of 20/20. In some ways, she is truly a special, honorary member of our edit team.

—Breanna Benz