It’s more than Iris’ creative flair that makes her one of the brightest characters in the 20/20 bunch. She’s got an insatiable taste for color and an adventurous spirit when it comes to eyewear, and Lafont and CustomEyes have combined here for a perfect fit in Lafont’s Ivy (which also happens to be the name of her mini-me 6-year-old daughter.) She knew the violet squared-off CatEye with an etched upsweep and a bespoke accompanying sun clip (one of two clips crafted by CustomEyes’ Arnold De’Burdo for 20/20) were made for her when she spotted them during a product review and has joined the club praising optical-to-sun clip flipping. She has become proficient in swapping from indoor optical to outside sun protection effortlessly as she pops into museums and art galleries over weekends or surveys a venue for our next photo shoot. An established optical wardrobing maven with a vibrant closet and frames to match each mood, Iris elevates her obsession with this unique sun set, and she’s set for any artistic enterprise.

—Breanna Benz