The headline “Meet Gloria Nicola” may be misleading since we can most likely assume that if you’re on the opti-scene, you’ve already met Gloria—product pro, color junkie and bold accessories expert of almost three decades. Through sharp print writing and a flair for fashion, she swiftly ascended to the top spot of Product Icon, from wrangling showstopping specs to snagging celebrity designer interviews and continent-hopping from tradeshow to tradeshow. She who has seen it all says the enduring prevalence of handmade eyewear is one of the most interesting facts found from 28 years on the job. Here she appears in handmade bespoke at its best, by Tom Davies. After carefully taking measurements, Davies crafted something that even Gloria, an avid collector of CatEye acetates, doesn’t have many of—completely custom couture eyewear. Edition one of one and accurately monikered “Tom Davies for Gloria Nicola,” the piece serves as a rare optical gem for a rare optical gem.

—Breanna Benz