Focused on her family and filing away answers to the most complicated finance quandaries we create for her, Gail is an energetic working mom who always says hi as she picks up papers from the printer or catches an eye in the entryway. From date nights with her husband to soccer practice with her six-year-old,
this multitasking mama makes time to accessorize, expressing her personal style through purses, scarves, jewelry and of course… sunwear. She reaches for bold, chunky necklaces and earrings but has previously played it safe when it comes to sun picks, usually of the basic brown tortoise variety, but has begun to explore with inspiration from our Editor-in-Chief James Spina. Here she dons a bright scarf and Diane von Furstenberg retro-inspired sunglass style DVF 105S from Marchon Eyewear with a tiny tribute to side shields, her second foray into sensational sunwear. People stop her to inquire about the captivating DVFs, pulled in by the splash of color and unique shape. She’s been inducted into sunwear infatuation and is happy to report that for her, plain will not be making a comeback.

—Breanna Benz