Return with us now to those days when a singer/songwriter with a unique talent would sneak in through some backdoor kinship with a famous rock star or celebrity, vaguely affiliated but stark and SINGular in his own music palette. In this formula the musicianship is already proven but the new step needs herald as skills are overtaken by sheer, brilliant songs and singing set to match. 

There’s a new singer set to soar to this scenario and his name is Matt Morris. Can you say “stumble” because that’s exactly what 20/20 did witnessing Morris for the first time live at a Viva/William Rast event during Vision Expo East in NYC. Powerful intimacy is a tough jumbo but Morris dishes out this particular blend both live and as recorded on his “When Everything Breaks Open” CD with a sense of purpose, making him a genuine troubadour at a time when THAT heartfelt song art is near lost. We caught him consorting with such reverberation live, and he remains unforgettable both with and probably without that keen William Rast style RS1035 perched on his face. Did we mention he was once a Mouseketeer with Justin Timberlake who produced the CD along with Dylan cohort, Charlie Sexton? Well now we did. Good company. Morris lives up to the expectations of his cohorts. And so do his Rast specs.
 —James J. Spina