Marcolin Group launches Swarovski Eyewear, consisting of 18 ophthalmic frames and 12 sunglasses. The initial collections are targeted exclusively to women. Designed to evoke emotion and the poetry of precision, the new line places crystals at the heart of the design, taking full advantage of the play of light and the natural beauty of crystals. The crystals thus become an integral, architectural part of the frame design, rather than mere decoration. The iconic swan and swan flower motifs are used throughout the collections. A variety of shapes and sizes, including aviators, oversized ovals, rounds and irregular geometric designs are offered.

Photographed by Annie Gallagher Riehl/Black Box Studios

“Swarovski is world-renowned for the highest quality cut crystal and is an incredible inspiration for designers in fashion, jewelry, accessories and interior design. The Swarovski Eyewear collection is a unique expression of innovation in a contemporary luxury product. Sharing a drive for design and perfection, Swarovski and Marcolin have created forms that are both fashionable and timeless,” says Maurizio Marcolin, style and licensing officer of the Marcolin Group.


Merchandising materials consist of two- and four-place displays, a one-place tray, countercards in various sizes and a logo plaque. Packaging includes six- and eight-base hard cases, a micro-fiber cleaning cloth and customized shopping bag with a magnetic closure.


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In 1892 Daniel Swarovski invented a revolutionary machine that allowed crystals to be cut more precisely than ever before. Since the invention and founding of the company in 1895, Swarovski has focused on the vision of bringing joy to people through crystals in various forms while holding true to a guiding principle still followed by the company today: “Constantly improve what is good.”