Marchon Eyewear unveils its Pucci eyewear line targeted to dynamic, confident and cultured women. The new line, which consists of 11 ophthalmic frames and 16 sunglasses, takes inspiration from many of Emilio Pucci’s original designs with their bold, bright colors and legendary graphic prints that became so popular in the ’60s and ’70s and are enjoying a strong resurgence today. In the true Pucci spirit, the eyewear marries fashion and luxury with technical know-how and function. Frames are made of custom zyl, metal and zyl/metal combinations, and are offered in variations on wrap, rectangular, square and other geometric designs, many oversized.

Photographed by Annie Gallagher/Black Box studio

“This collection is extraordinary in design and coloration. Each style is truly an art piece,” says Al Berg, Marchon president and CEO. “The eyewear is very special and will appeal to accounts servicing fashionable, high-end female customers.”


Merchandising materials include a six-place display, image unit, poster, countercard, and logo plaque. Sunglasses come in either a hard case or a soft wrap design. Ophthalmics are packaged in a hard case.  

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Born in 1914 to one of Florence’s oldest families, Emilio Pucci, the Marquis of Barsento, began his fashion career unexpectedly in 1947 when a photograph of a streamlined ski outfit he had created on a whim found its way to the pages of Harper’s Bazaar. A brilliant colorist,  he drew inspiration from nature, architecture and exotic cultures to create his signature prints—infusions of kaleidoscopic colors in graphic, abstract patterns. With his bold new designs and radical approach to fashion, he soon became a fashion phenomenon, crowned “The Prince of Prints” by the international fashion press