Marchon Eyewear launches Calvin Klein Jeans Sunglasses, a lifestyle brand inspired by Calvin Klein Jeans. A youth-driven unisex line, the sunglass collection addresses the latest eyewear trends and provides an element of edginess and individuality that lends itself to an urban generation. Vintage, military-inspired styling fuses innovative shapes with branded detailing, creating a recognizable identity. Design elements and colorations are true to Calvin Klein Jeans’ innovative concepts, including edgy graffiti temples, embedded dog tags and plastic fronts combined with thin, modern metal temples. The collection consist of 27 styles—eight are masculine; 10, feminine; and nine, unisex—the majority are Rxable.

Photographed by Ken Lee/Black Box Studios

“Calvin Klein Jeans re-emphasizes the authenticity of the Calvin Klein brand while revolutionizing and modernizing the designs for a youthful perspective. The collection pushes boundaries, is innovative and brings a new level of bold styling,” says Kevin Carrigan, global creative director for Calvin Klein, Inc.


Merchandising materials include a Calvin Klein Jeans cube and poster. Additional POP items will be available at a later date.


$$$ to $$$$. For additional information, contact Marchon Eyewear, (800) 645-1300; website:


Since its launch in 1978, Calvin Klein Jeans has revolutionized the jeans industry, becoming a driving force in fashion. Today Calvin Klein Jeans has evolved into a sexy, modern brand, creating styles that are at once pure and edgy, yet natural and unassuming.