Made in Italy, COLORTHIN is a capsule collection within the Calvin Klein Platinum label (formerly known as ck). Representing cutting-edge technology, COLORTHIN consists of five plastic and four metal styles, each available in five vivid colors. These fresh styles are durable and flexible under extreme conditions, easily adapting to temperatures ranging from -13 degree Fahrenheit to +158 degrees Fahrenheit. The temples can also be rotated up to 180 degrees. Additionally, the frames are resistant to cracks, possess a featherweight feel and are 100 percent hypoallergenic. COLORTHIN styles are available in an array of bright and deep colors with a soft, matte-coated finish and can be equipped with most lens types.

PHILOSOPHY: “Created as a sub-collection to our core Calvin Klein Eyewear business, COLORTHIN allows us to experiment with the Calvin Klein platinum label brand in a fun and directional way, while making a bold fashion statement. We feel this is a perfect space to enhance our Calvin Klein brand equity. The lightweight nature of these frames coupled with ultra-thin profiles and a wide array of colors make this the perfect season to debut this exciting new product to the market,” Marchon says.

MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a horizontal banner, double-sided box countercard, one-piece display and window cling. Each frame comes with a case and colorful frame box.

PRICE POINT: $$ to $$$

CONTACT: For additional information, contact Marchon Eyewear, (800) 645-1300;

Calvin Klein platinum label is a designer sportswear and accessories brand that emphasizes modern silhouettes in distinctive color palettes. Calvin Klein platinum label offers iconic, essential and fashion items, which balance sophisticated sensuality with a unique edge. The eyewear incorporates refined hardware in fashion-forward styles and bold colorations with flattering, modern shapes that cater to various demographics, lifestyles and personalities.