There is no denying the fact that Men’s Eyewear has come to the forefront in terms of determining the look and attitude of all eyewear of late. It is in the shapes, the colors and the styles. Here’s lookin’ at YOU... As eyewear gives a gentlemanly bow to 2012.

Photographed by Ned Matura

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Havana Bound

No tone is face friendlier and in a preppy or square shape, the message is authoritative, smart and stylish.

From top:
ARROW 112 from Nouveau Eyewear;
GANT by Michael Bastian Geek from Viva International Group;
LEGRE 111 from LG Eyewear

Color My World... Quietly

Browns, tans, blues and even sorted shades of deep red move the color ­palette into an arena of calm.

From top:
MODO 620 from Modo Eyewear;
TED BAKER B842 from Tura;
TRU TRUSSARDI 12723 from Charmant Group;
NATORI MZ 111 from Zyloware

Barely There

Both rimless and wire styles owe their simple heritage to classic traditions in Men’s eyewear.

From top:
TITAN ELEMENTS 4236 from Silhouette Optical;
HICKEY FREEMAN Lenox from Signature Eyewear

Men’s Club

The clubman and clubmaster style takes a powerful bow... and brow.

From top:
STATESMAN from Dita;
JEFF BANKS 019 from FGX International

No Cutting Corners

The long standing message of keeping logos and temple details quiet yet powerful filters through to the whole eyewear gender scenario.

From top:
THEORY 1145 from L’Amy America;
GEEK 108 from LBI

SPECtator Sports

Both women and men have the abilities to be sport fanatics but sport eyewear is steeped in a bold and sometimes blatant brew of men’s malt.

From top:
PUMA Follow Me from Charmant Group;
GENETYK from Rudy Project;
TEMPEST from Bolle/A Division of Bushnell Optical Products;
GARGOYLES Cardinal from FGX International