For a dispensary to thrive in today’s highly stylish marketplace, it’s mandatory that you keep your business stocked with the latest in fashion and technology. It’s as important as keeping your staff trained and up-to-date on the newest products and trends in the eyewear arena. 

Every month, 20/20 highlights eyewear on celebrities, quite literally “Upfront,” in Hall of Frames with the goal of showing doctors and their staff how fame drives fashion and fashion drives fame. Think about it—achieving celebrity status in our society demands that one gets “noticed” wherever they go. Most of us, even though some work hard not to admit it, like being noticed. With intention, we identify the brand of eyewear each celebrity is wearing so you can utilize the magazine in your dispensary. Use it to encourage your patients to “get noticed” and to buy that great looking pair of designer sunwear with the latest in polarized lens technology. 

I challenge you to show your patients our Hall of Frames pages as a visual tool, maybe even set up a celebrity eyewear section on your frame board. It’s a great lead-in to a discussion about fashion and trends. Turn the idea into a staff dispensing contest to help sell that second and third pair of glasses. Then take digital color pictures of your patients in their new eyewear and send them to me at the below e-mail address. If you send a few patient pictures, I will use my influence (of which I’d like to think I have at least a little with my editors) to get them published in our “Upfront” section called Street Seen. Turn your patients into celebrities and let 20/20 magazine help. 

Jim Vitkus