By Preston Fassel

In the world of optics, it’s hard to think of a more reliable legacy brand than ZEISS. With a namesake stretching back to the 1800s, ZEISS lenses have been a part of some of the defining moments of optical history, from their lenses being used in the camera that filmed the moon landing to their role in bringing us some of the greatest cinematic achievements of the 20th century through Stanley Kubricks’ legendary use of ZEISS lenses. They’ve been there since the beginning of modern optics, and as recent developments have demonstrated, they have no intention of slowing down. Case in point: ZEISS PhotoFusion and DuraVision Flash Mirrors.

PhotoFusion lenses are well known for their outstanding combination of technology, performance and reliability. With a quick reaction time and equally fast deactivation time, the lenses have excellent photochromic performance. While clear indoors, the lenses readily respond to various levels of UV, even achieving some activation behind the windshield of a car. What’s more, the lenses are available in a wide array of colors, allowing wearers to customize their glasses for both fashion and function. While grey is a reliable standby, PhotoFusion brown has warm red undertones that are relaxing for the eye and provide excellent contrast. An array of “party” colors round out the assortment of lens colors with their blue lens being phenomenal: It’s bright and exuberant, a real showstopper high fashion lens while also being dark enough to provide a high level of comfort in bright, sunny conditions.

In addition to comfort and fashion, PhotoFusion lenses can help protect the eyes. These lenses offer excellent protection from harmful UV radiation by blocking 100 percent of UV radiation up to 400 nm. The lenses go beyond the American National Standards Institute/International Organization for Standardization (ANSI/ISO) requirement of attenuation to 380 nm for ophthalmic lens materials to meet the “100 percent UV protection” standard. ZEISS feels strongly that UV protection up to 400 nm closes a critical UV exposure gap. PhotoFusion lenses provide blue light protection in addition to UV protection, blocking at least 20 percent (31 percent for Extra Grey) of potentially harmful blue light indoors, which is more than twice the amount of standard clear lenses, and they block close to 90 percent outdoors.

Meanwhile, ZEISS’ new line of DuraVision flash mirrors is at the forefront of a contemporary fashion movement, ready to offer wearers superior sun protection, quality aesthetics and the opportunity to be on the frontlines of contemporary fashion eyewear. These fun, functional flash mirror coatings come in an assortment of trendy colors for customizing the front of tinted, polarized or photochromic lenses to create a powerful fashion statement. You’ve probably heard the buzz, photochromic lenses with fashion tint flash mirrors are a thing! DuraVision lenses are back coated with DuraVision Sun UV anti-reflective coating for uncompromised clarity, durability and easy care.

DuraVision flash mirrors let wearers show the world their individuality, sophistication and versatility.

Trends come and go, regardless of the medium: technology, fashion, entertainment. But some brands and legacies are timeless, and the ZEISS brand is one of those legacies. While they are always on the cutting edge of lens technology pushing the industry forward, their commitment to eyewear and wearer satisfaction never waivers, as evidenced by the quality of these two outstanding products. ZEISS allows patients to enjoy a fantastic optical experience. They’ve won me over as a wearer for what I hope will be years to come.

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