Photographed by KAREN SCHULD;
Senior Features Editor GLORIA NICOLA

You know a brand has truly arrived when an icon or symbol—whether it’s a vintage coin, signature hardware or a reminiscent texture— is enough to send a powerful message, evoking instant name recognition.

From top: VERSACE 4116-8 from Luxottica Group;  GUCCI 2970/S from Sàfilo USA;  VIA SPIGA 317-S from Zyloware
About the Medusa
To Gianni Versace, his company logo, the Medusa, which he adopted from a sculpture of the figure from Greek mythology, was more than just a logo. It became the spirit of the House  of Versace. The designer put the image on elegant apparel and had his models strike Medusa poses. Asked why he chose Medusa, Versace said, “She is seduction, a sense of history, classicism… she is a fatal attraction.”