Persol: visioni-Design in viaggio is
Persol’s new creative design project, which was presented at the 47th Furniture Fair in Milan. In an effort to reinforce ties to Italian and international style and design, four original design talents have produced a creative project that honors the values of Persol, each incorporating a definitive “made in Italy” style. These artists have been filmed, each in their favorite Italian city, revealing their story and letting us follow along on their journey. This is a modern spin of the Grand Tour of centuries past in which European artists and literates traveled to communicate their ideas, improve their culture, education and develop their talents.

The artists comprising Persol’s Design in viaggio: Martino Gamper, Jason Miller, Hector Serrano and Patrick Norguet. Each comes from a different design background and finds inspiration in a different area of Italy. Italian-born Gamper chose to visit Turin, as it reflects his interest in production. He loves the city’s industrial heritage, especially as the birthplace of Persol—a brand he reveres for its “beautiful engineering” and reputation as a design classic. American-born Miller was filmed in Milan, a city he adores for its classic attitude with a contemporary edge. He sees parallels between Milan and Persol for this blend of tradition and modernity. Then there’s Hector Serrano—born in Spain but based out of London—whose Persol debut was shot in Genoa. The Genoa dockside is reminiscent of the working harbor of his hometown of Valencia; the sailing and surfing brings him back to favorite pastimes of his childhood. Serrano has an appreciation for Persol’s long tradition of design. And last but not least, Patrick Norguet from France appears in Venice in his video, collaborating with some of the finest glass specialists in the Murano glass factory. His love for the manufacturing process in glass also holds true for his appreciation of Persol’s Italian design and make. 

Each artist is unique in their approach to art, their culture and their background. With Design in viaggio they are brought together by their affinity for Persol and all of the qualities that make it the distinct, iconic brand it is today. 
—Melissa Arkin