Near ad nauseam most who know me know I’m addicted to magazines. Sure, I’ll always be on the hunt for a sharp suit. Yup. I’m always ready to step in on rhythm guitar for AC/DC with my spanking, new Rondo Guitar. Amazing specs? Show me mine. But my passion for a good monthly mag fix knows no bounds.

And tops on that monthly paper quest is a host of mags (mostly British) lavish with super (pricey) cars. Collector cars such as the Ferrari GT 250 and Jag E Type. Modern exotics like Bentleys and Aston Martins. Big Buck racing machines. Rare custom-builts. I crave max-moola-mobiles even though my chances of owning such a vehicle are as rare as the actual cars.

So what does all of that reading and dreaming about near-priceless wheels get me? Knowledge. Understanding. Perspective. And the extravagance of experiencing realities not necessarily akin to my own piece of this mortal coil. And in the long run that sort of me-o-sphere daydreaming never hurts, and it certainly enhances the reality of the cars I do own. My son and I spend a fun hour or so at an amazing Ferrari dealership soaking up that Italian pure-isimo, and then it is off to the reality of a new Fiat dealer where quite likely my boy might be buying his first car someday... If I don’t beat him to it with my own Fiat-Abarth 500 pocket rocket.

And what does THIS all have to do with the current issue of 20/20 in hand delivering a dollop of luxury and near-luxury, high-end eyewear? Tons. You need to know the total product zone of the optical arena. You certainly can pick and choose your specialty or specifics based on your tastes and your customer, but when it comes to eyewear you need to be a know-it-all from extreme luxury to down-and-dollar value eyewear. And that also includes steep knowledge of eyewear and sunwear now available exclusively online. Keep your friends close but keep your fiends even closer.

And if you can’t enjoy the aura (if not the reality) of luxury specs, why are you dispensing eyewear? Edit often gets teased around here at 20/20 because quite honestly many (if not most) of the luxury vendors still (wrongly) don’t cotton to the idea of advertising in support of our missive. BUT not reporting on the glamorous world of ultimate eye-candy would be stupidly remissive and dismissive. Don’t go there. It’s ugly. Better to gaze at the luxury on hand right here.      

James J. Spina