Luxottica Group introduces Ray-Ban Craft, a new interpretation of Ray-Ban’s iconic Outdoorsman, Caravan and Wings models—adding a luxurious touch to these three restyled metals—the top bar and temple tips are covered with soft hand-sewn leather. The popular Caravan with its squared lenses is offered in five color variations: pink leather with pink gradient lenses, gray with gray polarized or gradient lenses, black with gray-green lenses, white with blue mirrored lenses and brown with brown gradient or polarized lenses. The new version of the historic Outdoorsman, an aviator which made its debut in 1938, comes in black with gray-green lenses, black with black lenses, white with gray lenses, red with pink gradient lenses, tan with green lenses, brown with brown lenses and blue with gray-blue gradient lenses. Wings, a shield design, is available in tan with orange lenses, white with gray mirrored lenses, black with gray-green lenses and red with orange mirrored lenses.

PHILOSOPHY: “Ray-Ban, founded in 1937, is known not only for its timeless design, but also for its ability to refresh and revamp its styles,” says Victor Melendez, Luxottica Group vice president of marketing. “Focusing on craftsmanship, luxury and Ray-Ban’s rich heritage, this collection is a celebration of Ray-Ban’s brilliant legacy.”

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TIP: As with all of Ray-Ban’s latest collections, color plays a key role. The top bar, temple tips and lenses are offered in an array of coordinated hues.