Luxottica’s Persol brand launches its Roadster Edition sunglasses inspired by classic Italian roadsters. The frames are handcrafted in Italy from acetate using superior manufacturing techniques. Design concepts include patented Meflecto temples, consisting of three curved cylinders for added flexibility; an adaptable bridge called Victorflex; and the supreme arrow, a distinctive Persol symbol with the added functional element of enclosing the hinge. The top brow rivet effect, inspired by the rivets that held classic roadsters’ bodies together, is another detail showing the balance of form and function. Finishing touches include polishing the frames for four days to eliminate roughness. Lenses are made of glass and offered with a photo-polar option in blue or rose.

Photographed by Matt Lambros/Black Box Studios


“The limited edition Roadster is a contemporary expression of Persol’s beginnings when the brand was worn by racecar drivers, specifically those driving Italian roadsters and pilots,” says Victor Melendez, vice president of Luxottica. “These roots have been preserved with the highest degree of care and meticulousness, ensuring the collection clearly expresses the spirit of the project. The end result is two extremely beautiful styles that embody the romance, heroism and obsessive attention to detail inherent in both classic roadsters and Persol.”


Window displays are available and a glorifier is shipped with every kit. Each style comes with a leather case and box.

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Persol (“for the sun”) was born in 1917 when Giuseppe Ratti, a photographer on the airfields of Turin during World War I, developed goggles for aviators. Persol was initially worn by pilots and racecar drivers. By the mid 1900s, the Persol image soared in popularity when the iconic 649 model was worn by such celebrities as Marcello Mastroianni and Steve McQueen.