Luxottica launches the Emporio Armani Rx collection. The 16-piece line consisting of nine men’s and seven women’s styles adheres to the Emporio Armani concept of impeccable, but always fresh, youthful styling. The eyewear is both modern and refined with skillfully designed rubber details and innovative finishes. The color palette ranges from sober hues to light and lively pastels and metallic tints. The collection is defined by three major characteristics: Trend, Modern and Essential Leisure. The Trend category takes its direction from fashion and seasonal inspiration. The Modern segment consists of contemporary styles with innovative accents such as rubber inserts in contrasting colors and tubular temples. The Essential Leisure group uses multilayered sheet acetate and milled temples for a casual look. The Emporio Armani Sun collection was featured here in August.


PHILOSOPHY: “Just as the sun line does, the Emporio Armani optical collection is a genuine statement of style that captures the youthful, yet contemporary perspective of the Armani portfolio. Each exciting detail—from the iconic bowling bag hinge to the milled Eagle logo—is a symbol of the brand’s dedication to encompassing the latest fashion trends, color offerings and frontline material blends,” says Milena Cavicchioli, vice president of marketing, Luxottica North America.

MARKETING: Luxottica provides designated training programs for stores and associates to ensure they are properly educated on Armani brands and the latest collections. Point-of-purchase displays, countercards and banners are available, and are all created in line with the brand’s strategy, art direction and visual design.

PRICE POINT: $$$ to $$$$

CONTACT: For additional information, contact Luxottica, (800) 422-2020;

The Emporio Armani brand targets a youthful market, offering high-end ready-to-wear, perfume, accessories and watches with a trend-oriented focus. The Emporio Armani logo is an eagle, a symbol of quality.