It is intense. You get an uncontrollable feeling of excitement watching the dastardly brilliant campaign and interview video expounding on the design collaboration between actor Giovanni Ribisi and luxe eyewear company Barton Perreira. Setting the scene of effortless style, the short opens with a suavely styled Ribisi motorcycling toward the camera and suited up in tan leather moto gloves. There is even a shot of Ribisi preening behind the wheel of a classic Austin Healey, keenly sporting his namesake vintage-inspired frames, the “Ribisi.”

The multitalented Ribisi chats about the collaboration with 20/20. “I wanted to design something that had intention and a point of view. I’ve always loved the styling of a round frame on my face and wanted to make sure that the first design was something I personally loved.” He explains, “My inspiration for the frame came from the early 20th century, industrial era. I was influenced by the attitude and the styling of that era.” The Ribisi sunglass certainly pays homage to those nostalgia-inducing round sunwear shapes while maintaining a sleek modern appeal. Ribisi also reveals, “In 2012 Barton Perreira will be releasing the ‘Giovanni’ frame, which has a classically timeless feel to it. Like the Ribisi this frame will look great on both men and women.”

For an insider’s track on the Barton Perreira and Giovanni Ribisi collaboration, head to to see an interview with Ribisi and behind the scenes footage to get a feel for the on set buzz.

–Patrisha Zabrycki