Rudy Project
and Shamir are partnering to produce a line of sport and fashion sunglasses. The glasses feature Rudy Project’s lightweight Italian frames which incorporate the company’s Kynetium material and fully adjustable temple arms and nose pieces, plus Shamir’s new Attitude III progressive and single vision sun lenses in ImpactX, a proprietary impact-resistant material from Rudy Project. The lenses will initially be surfaced at Empire Optical in Los Angeles and then edged at Shamir’s new edging facility, also located in Los Angeles.

“Capitalizing on the knowledge of our lens designs and edging expertise, we have taken optics, precision and aesthetics of finished eyewear to a new level,” says Nir Shmuel, Shamir’s vice president, operations. “Each job processed at Shamir’s edging facility is analyzed based on the Shamir design, the patient’s Rx and the intricacies of the frame to ensure that the final product provides superior optics and unmatched cosmetics.”

Rudy Project principal Brad Shapiro adds, “Shamir represents the pinnacle of lens technology, and we are delighted to bring their new Attitude III lenses to the Technically Cool Rudy Project line. Our relationship began several years ago with the launch of Rudy Project’s FreeForm TEK lenses which were fabricated in our proprietary ImpactX lens material, creating a virtually indestructible lens with amazing optical properties. Now, we’re excited to strengthen that relationship as we utilize Shamir’s new Attitude III lenses which will again be crafted in our award-winning ImpactX material.”

ImpactX lenses are guaranteed unbreakable for life and are resilient from chemical and atmospheric agents, according to Rudy Project. The refractive index of the lenses is 1.53 and Abbe value is 45, resulting in less chromatic dispersion. All ImpactX lenses have a factory applied hard coat; AR coatings are applied at the lab except for Photochromic Laser Clear which are applied by the manufacturer. Oleophobic coatings are purchased separately. All coatings will provide some protection from water and help repel water, Rudy Project notes.

The lenses are available in 6 and 8 bases, and the Rx range is +3.00 to -4.00D. However, Rudy Project advises that the range may vary depending upon the selected Rudy Project frame and the patient’s PD.

Vision-Ease Lens introduces the newly redesigned and mobile-responsive Coppertone Polarized Lenses website, The website’s sharp layout and intuitive navigation allow consumers to learn more about Coppertone Polarized Lenses wherever they are—at home, at the optometrist’s or on the go.

The new, sleek design prominently features Coppertone Polarized Lenses ambassador and U.S. soccer legend Mia Hamm. Visitors are encouraged to learn more about Coppertone Polarized Lenses through revamped navigation at the top of the page.  Because the website is mobile responsive, the layout and design adjust based on the device accessing the site. This helps the website load more quickly on mobile devices and presents the information in an engaging, user-friendly way.

“It’s estimated that 65 percent of tablet shoppers and 59 percent of smartphone shoppers use their device to research product information,” says Jay Lusignan, marketing communications manager at Vision-Ease Lens. “As we adapt for these mobile shoppers who discover our product via social media and online ads, this new website will connect them with Coppertone Polarized Lenses and nearby providers.” 

—Andrew Karp