The beautiful photo that adorns the cover of this month’s L&T was created by Charles Grover, a California-based artist. Charles is part of group of visual artists whose work is currently being spotlighted in a unique art exhibition called “Shared Visions” at the Southern California College of Optometry’s Eye Care Center in Fullerton, Calif. The exhibit, which began last fall runs through mid-August, features the art of 49 visually impaired and totally blind artists.

We selected this photo to complement our feature article, “A High Profile for Low Vision,” which discusses how new technologies and changing demographics are creating opportunities for eyecare practitioners to treat the exploding patient population suffering from age-related macular degeneration and other eye diseases. If you currently treat low vision patients, or if you are thinking about adding this speciality to your practice, you might also consider decorating your office or waiting room with artwork created by one of the “Shared Vision” artists. To view the ’09-’10 “Shared Visions” catalog, visit Most of this striking art is available for purchase by calling (714) 449-7464. Ninety percent of the funds go to the artist with the remaining 10 percent to be placed in an Artists’ Assistance Fund to aid artists in future “Shared Visions” exhibits.

The imagination and skill of these talented artists allows those of us who are sighted to see the world from their perspective, while reminding us of the indomitable human spirit that animates the creative process.

—Andrew Karp