From the moment I saw 20/20, I felt an instant attraction. How cool is it, I thought, for a magazine to be dedicated exclusively to eyewear? The love affair has since continued and apparently not just on my part. A good friend once called with excitement to tell me that her optometrist had copies of 20/20 in his waiting room. While other patients in the office browsed through the issues with interest, she proudly announced to everyone that her good friend (that would be me!) works for this cool magazine. Other friends and family are equally impressed whenever I show them what I affectionately call, “my magazine.” And as I often peruse 20/20 during my 40 minute subway commute to the office, it’s guaranteed that the person sitting next to me is peeking over to check out what I’m reading. I’m not saying all this to brag about how great 20/20 is (although as the marketing manager here, that IS my job) but I’m here to state the obvious: 20/20 makes a powerful impression… and not just among those in the optical arena.

Imagine how thrilled I was when editor-in-chief James Spina showed me this issue’s cover design and pointed out the UPC bar code that now appears at the bottom left. That’s when I realized we are embarking on a new frontier: 20/20 is now available at select newsstand and bookstore locations for consumer eyes to see.

This initiative in consumer visibility is a relatively new frontier for trade publications in general and specifically 20/20 as it strives to both meet and exceed the modern demands within the optical arena. Consumers want to look their best and see their best. We pique their interest by sharing our passion for eyewear with them, while enhancing their patient experience with you, their eyecare professional.

Christine Yeh
Senior Marketing Manager