Looking Good Eyewear presents its newest Ted Lapidus collection of branded eyewear. Targeted to men and women 25 and older, the line, which is manufactured in France, currently consists of 30 ophthalmic styles and seven sunglasses. Frames are constructed of titanium, magnesium, monel and zyl. Shapes are contemporary variations on rectangles, ovals, bowties, butterflies and pillow designs in striking color combinations—black and white stripes, black/bordeaux/violet, black/blue/violet and white/blue/orange. Frames and sunglasses will be introduced on a regular basis and a modern remake of the incredibly popular Ted Lapidus 07 classic (dating from the ’70s and known as Bamboo) is scheduled for release the first half of 2007.

PHILOSOPHY: "The new Ted Lapidus eyewear collection takes its direction from the brand's history and at the same time reflects current trends toward modern, fashion-forward eye shapes accentuated by stunning colorations," says Looking Good president David Kotovsky.
MARKETING: Merchandising materials include displays, posters, countercards, acrylic logo plaques and perfume samples. Each style comes with a hard case.
PRICE POINT: $$ to $$$. For additional information, contact Looking Good Eyewear, (866) 752-EYES.

French haute couteur designer Ted Lapidus founded his fashion house in 1951. Widely recognized for a safari jacket he designed in the ‘60s, he turned to more classic styles in the ‘70s. In recent years the Ted Lapidus brand has become widely associated with fragrances.